Blackwells Click and Collect


Using the Blackwells bookstore’s order online and collect in store service is very simple to use and it allows you to order books for online prices, get them quickly, and not pay any shipping fees. This way, it saves you money and you know that you are going to get the exact book that you want for a low cost fee. Do not worry about not finding the book you are looking for or getting to the store and finding that your book has been sold out. With order online and collect in store, you can make sure that when you make that trip out to the bookstore, your book is definitely going to be waiting for you there.

Using the click and collect service is very easy to do. First you should find the book that you are interested in. You can find books by either browsing through the categories listed on the homepage. You can also search for specific texts and authors in the orange search box at the top right section of the page. By clicking on the browse tab at the top of the page you can see more categories including coming soon and new arrivals.

After you have found the book that you are interested in, you should click on the book’s title to be shown the price and the options for buying it. There is also a short synopsis and reviews to help you decide if that is the book that you wish to purchase. If this is the right book, you should look under buying options on the right hand of the page.

To reserve the book in the nearest bookstore, you should pull down the correct bookstore nearest you and then click the reserve instore under buying options. After clicking the button, you will be directed to a page where you can fill in your name, email address, phone number, and how many copies of the book that you would like to reserve. You can also choose the option whether you will pick up the book in the store or whether you would like a store representative to call you about making arrangements to get the book to you. If the store that you wish to pick up the book from does not have the book then you can arrange to have them call you and they will order and reserve a copy for you.

Once your reserve has been put in then you may pick up your book, if it was in stock, from the store you chose in one hour. You may pay for you book in store. The price for the book will be the online price that you see when you chose to reserve the book. When you go to the store you will only have to give your name at the front counter and your book will be waiting for you. The benefit of choosing this option over having the book shipped to you is that you still will have the book in an accessible location, but you will not have to pay the expensive shipping fees to get your new book to you.