Blockbuster Click and Collect

UPDATE: Unfortunately Blockbuster is no longer trading, as an alternative you might want to try or Amazon Prime which both offer movie rentals.

For many decades, Blockbuster was the go to place for movie and video game rentals; however, in more recent years, the company has been struggling to stay afloat. The rise of online rental services for movies and video games have seriously cut into the retailer’s profits. Digital television services have only added to the rental company’s woes by providing video on demand services to customers, without leaving their homes. The increased competition has led the retailer to close many of its outlets, and lay off massive amounts of employees. Now, Blockbuster is seeking to regain some of its former market shares, by launching a new option for rentals; Click and Collect.

Click and Collect is the film retailer’s attempt to use the one advantage they hold, over online only services, their stores, in a way which seamlessly integrates them with the companies websites. After making an account, with, a user can sign up for a Click and Collect program. A Blockbuster customer simply selects a film, chooses a store, and waits for a confirmation email. The email should arrive within an hour to confirm the rental, and that the film has been reserved for your account. Once the user receives the email, they can then visit their selected outlet, and immediately claim their reserve. The media giant hopes that, by integrating their stores and website, and streamlining the in store experience, they can take back some customers who have left the company, in favour of greener, digitised, pastures.

Using Click & Collect starts on Customers, who want to rent general items, using Click and Collect only if it coincidentally applies to their purchase, should rent items normally, by going to the rent movies online section. However, to use Click and Collect, users should click on the store tab, near the top of the screen, and, then click again, on the Click and Collect tab, located almost directly below the store button that you just pressed. Any items in this section can be selected for Click and Collect; however, what your individual store has in stock at any moment, will vary. Click and Collect orders must be placed between midnight, and 18:00 on the day you intend to pick up your reservation.

After receiving your order, the store will attempt to process it, and will email you, informing you that your reservation is ready to be picked up, or could not be processed. If your order is successfully filled, you will have until 30 minutes before your chosen store closes, to pick up your order. If you fail to get to the store in time, your reservation will expire, and your order will be released to the general public. If you need to cancel your order, simply call your chosen store at any time. You are allowed to change your chosen store at any moment, up until the order is placed, but, after you actually place your order, you must restart the entire process in order to change the store.

Click and Collect is a promising venture from Blockbuster, and will serve its customers well; however, only time will tell if it will save the ailing business.