Click and Collect Service

Now more than ever, people are in a hurry. Our lives are moving at a faster pace than ever before. With advances in technology, it is becoming easier to streamline our lives and make things more simple. When you order a product online, shipping charges can be very high. In addition, you might not be at home when your package is delivered, and this is a security issue for whatever you have bought. When you spend your hard earned money, you want to be sure that you will receive what you ordered in a safe and secure manner. Luckily, many companies are adapting their shipping options in order to keep up with everyone’s busy lifestyles. One of these forward-thinking companies is the retailer Boots, which are located throughout the country., an online drugstore, has a shipping option that will put both your mind and wallet at ease. It allows you to place your order online, from the convenience of work or your own home on their innovative web-store. You can order all of your daily essentials like shampoo, feminine products, and cosmetics without having to pick them out in a busy store. This is time saver for people who have computer access, but don’t have enough time to wander the aisles of a store looking for what they need. You can use the websites search function to find exactly what you need. Or, they have tabs you can click on which will take you to the different store departments. It is like being in the store, but without all of the hassle. It is important to note that this service doesn’t apply to infant formula milk, prescription glasses from the optical centre, and insurance. But, this service can be used for all other products sold on the website.

You put the items in a virtual basket, just like you would do in the actual store. When you are viewing a product, there will be an option to add the item to your basket. If you want to buy it, click this button. It is important to note that, if you change your mind, you can always remove the item later on. Once you have all of the items you wish to buy, you can review your final order before confirming the purchase. When asked about what shipping option you want you can select “Collect from store.” This is what lets the company know that you wish to have your order delivered to a store that is close to your work or home. The company then will ship the order to their store for you to pick up. It usually arrives in about 4 to 5 business days and it is a free service.

This shipping option is perfect if you live in a flat and do not want your package left on your porch or with a landlord. This way, you will be the only one collecting your order, so you know it is in safe hands. Also, this service is ideal if you don’t want to pay shipping charges. Boots delivers orders to over 2400 locations within the country. This means that there is probably a location near you, especially if you live in an urban area.