Goldsmiths Click and Collect


Most people do not want the hassle of visiting gold and jewellery retailers all the time and are looking for more convenient ways to shop for watches, diamond rings and jewellery in general. With the advent of retail shops taking their inventory online, jewellery dealers have began to take notice. Some stores have taken their own inventory online to make take their own stake in internet shopping, such as the every famous Goldsmiths. Yet, there is a slight difference between gold and jewellery shopping online that other retailers do not offer that is offered by Goldsmiths, which is the ability to pick their item up in the store itself.

Click and Collect offer a rather new option when it comes to online shopping. This new option is called click and collect, which allows the internet buyer to search the extensive inventory of Goldsmiths and make his or her purchase without even coming into the store. Once the online buyer makes a purchase, he or she will receive an email within about 24 business hours after their purchase. The email will let the buyer know if their particular item is in stock in the Goldsmiths store that is closest to their location and also acknowledge the fact that the individual has purchased a particular item. If the item is in stock, the item can be picked up anytime after full payment has been rendered (credit cards or online checks have been cleared). If the item is not in stock at that particular store, the Goldsmiths store will find the nearest location that has the item in stock. Once located, the customer has the option to pick up the piece at the other location or wait for the delivery to that store, which is usually complete within 1-5 business days. Once the item is available for pick-up, the store will call you to let you know your piece of jewellery is ready. However, if you want to know before you are called, the store welcomes its click and collect customers to call ahead to find out if their item is ready for pick-up. This option is offered at all Goldsmiths stores although it does not include its airport locations nor outlet shops.

Proper Credentials for Pick-up

Fortunately, click and collect makes sure that the person who paid for the item is the person that is authorised to receive the item. For the convenience of the purchaser, he or she should bring with them a photo identification when picking their item up (passport, driver’s license, etc.) along with either a utility bill with his or her name and address or a printout of the order acknowledgement email. By requiring the buyer to bring along two forms of identification, one has the peace of mind to know that his or her purchase will be safe until time for pick-up

As global economies continue to dip and more people are looking for solid investments, one of the most popular items smart investors are making is the purchase of gold products. Gold jewellery has been on the rise over the last three years and have seen historical gains over almost every other market in which people invest. Currently, it is at its all time high although it is forecast by most economics experts and investors to continue to rise, as it will be in high demand.