Maplin Click and Collect


Retailers have come up with an upbeat plan called the “click and collect” service to meet the ever-growing requirements of customers. Maplin shoppers are always looking for the most convenient way of buying items and if they see a sure fire plan, they will definitely go for it. Until recent times, it was the era of online shopping where people browsed various online shops until they visited a site where they wanted to place their orders. However, customers are always on the lookout for the most convenient way of doing shopping and if they want something fast, they will choose the most feasible method of getting it fast.

This method of “click and collect” service is very simple and yet powerful. You combine the traditional method of going to a shop and buying your item and the most modern form of shopping, i.e. online. If all you have is cash then this method is perfect. Going into a shop to buy what you want is often time consuming and sometimes frustrating even. You may go all the way to a particular shop only to learn that the product you need so badly has just been sold and it was the last one in the shop.

What you can do now is visit the website of your local shop, like Maplin for example and go through their collection of electronic products and order what you want. The shop will preserve the product for you until the end of the next working day or maybe two working days. You must go to the shop and buy your pre-ordered item before the time specified expires.

You can see all the items that has stored and reserve any items they have included in the click and collect category. When you see something that you need, then you can pre-order it by clicking it and dropping it in your shopping basket. If it is currently out of stock, then Maplin will get it for you from their warehouse. However, you may, have to wait for 3 to 4 days for this. The store will reserve the product for you until you can come and collect them. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be given a number for reference purposes. You have to furnish this number in order to collect your products.

In order to be eligible to buy an item through the collect@ store method from Maplin, you need to create an account for the same and if you already have an account, then you need to have proof of one previously dispatched order.

This service is highly recommended by both shops and customers. You don’t have to enter any personal information or other unnecessary details when you are ordering your product. If you don’t want to buy the product, just don’t go to the shop and if you are late in claiming the product you have ordered, the maplin shop is under no obligation to hold it for you or remind you about it. Once the previously decided time elapses, he can sell it off to the next customer who wants to buy it. The shopkeeper will not charge you for unclaimed items.