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Are you in need of a computer? Whether you work in a technical field or you are buying your first computer, PC World is your solution to fulfil any computer requirements. It is the largest computing store in the UK. pcworld.co.uk offers a wide selection for your computing desires, and offers assistance every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect computer for your needs! Not only does PC World have the right computer to suit you, they also offer PC World Collect@Store which allows you to skip the process and fees associated with delivery!

pcworld.co.uk now offers an alternative way to make shopping easier. Rather than having to drive to the store, search for the product you want and wait in line, you can now take advantage of PC World’s Click and Collect service, or PC World Collect@Store. The basic idea is for you to go online and select the items you would like to purchase by clicking on them, and then simply going to the store to collect your items. PC World is aware of the time and financial constraints consumers face today, addressing that issue with a simple way to shop without the hassle. Click and Collect also removes the burden of not only waiting for your product to be delivered, but also paying delivery charges. By using PC World Collect@Store you are actually saving money.

Just because you are choosing your computer or computer accessories online does not mean you will have to sacrifice PC World’s excellent customer service. Rather, you will benefit from PC World Collect@Store. PC World’s website contains everything from help choosing which products will serve you best to instillation information. Another perk is there are even specials that are available online only, so you may benefit from shopping on PC World’s website in this aspect as well. If you require any assistance, PC World offers phone and email customer service to assist with selecting products or answering questions on orders.

The steps to using PC World’s Click and Collect are simple. Select the products you would like to purchase on their website pcworld.co.uk. You will need to look for the phrase “Collect@Store” next to the item and ensure there is a mark present which indicates your selection is available. After you complete shopping, you will want to choose the “Buy Now” option and proceed to checkout. You can then select “I’ll collect from my local store”. You will enter your address to find the closest store. Next, you will fill in your basic information such as name, email address and phone number. The final step ensues when you receive a confirmation email, which you can take to PC World to pick up your items. Your purchase will be available for you to pick up one hour after the order has been submitted up until the end of the next day. As with all purchases, PC World employees will gladly assist you in getting your new electronic equipment to your vehicle.

Now you ready to begin your shopping experience with PC World. Using PC World Collect@Store offers flexibility, efficiency, and lower costs on all your computer needs!