Sainsburys Click & Collect Service

Sainsburys Click and Collect

Like many UK retailers, Sainsbury’s has recently launched a full-featured Click & Collect service. Click and collect allows you to order online today and then pick up the purchase at your local Sainsbury’s store tomorrow. The advantage of such a service is that it gives you the best of both worlds; the ease and access of online shopping coupled with the human interaction and attention to detail of a local shopping experience.

Before deciding on whether Sainsbury’s Click & Collect service is right for you, there are a couple of considerations. Does my local Sainsbury’s participate? And does Sainsbury’s offer the items I want through the click and collect service?

Sainsbury’s has an extensive participating store list on their website at If you find that your local store doesn’t participate, you have two choices. Ship the item to your door, which may incur an additional charge, or ship it to the closest participating Sainsbury’s store and then drive there to pick it up.

Sainsbury’s does try to make their entire product portfolio available through the Click & Collect service but there are some exceptions. That’s because the Sainsbury’s website sells some items online that are not available through any of their physical locations.

If you do decide to use Sainsbury’s Click & Collect service, remember to get your online order in by 2pm. That guarantees that your order will arrive and be available for collection no later than 4pm the following day. If you post your order later than that, the purchase may arrive as late as 4pm the day after that. However, the process from order to availability doesn’t typically require the entire period.

When you use the Click and Collect service, Sainsbury’s ensures that your order will be in stock and available to you at the promised time, and that they will ship it overnight from their central warehouse if need be. However, Sainsbury’s only guarantees that the order will be there waiting for you for 7 days. So if it’s promised for Monday by 4pm, you’ll have until the following Monday at 4pm. If you’re unable to collect your purchase within that timeframe, call Sainsbury’s at 0800 328 1700.

In order to pick up your order you’ll have to go to the Sainsbury’s Click & Collect desk. If you’re unsure where the desk is, there are signs placed at the entrance and throughout the store that you can follow. The desk is open for business Monday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm, regardless of actual store hours.

The Click & Collect desk is also open on Sunday during all trade hours for that particular Sainsbury’s store. When you arrive at the desk, make sure that you have your order acknowledgement email as well as a photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport.

It is possible to have someone pick up the purchase on your behalf. However, in that case, the person picking up the order requires the order acknowledgement email and his or her own photo ID as well as your photo ID. Regardless of whom picks up the purchase, have a printout of the actual acknowledgement email rather than just an order ID or confirmation number.

Customers can return or exchange any items purchased through the Click and Collect service. To do so, just bring the item to any participating Sainsbury’s within 28 days of the original purchase. The product must be in fully resalable condition and the original Click & Collect delivery paperwork must accompany it.