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Sport Direct is one of the UK’s largest online retailers. Specializing in large named-brand products from globally known companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour; Sports Direct has changed the way users receive their sporting wear. The UK based stores have opened a new opportunity for customers to get their items on their own time. The click and collect servicing is a new offering that helps you locate items that might be out of stock at the local retail stores. Below is a detailed look at this new service and a few of the ins and outs of how it works.

The user logs onto their to start the process. The items that are available for the click and collect service range in variety, but most items will qualify for this service. Exclusions include large scale items, which must be shipped to a local address or located within a retail store. This service allows the user to select the items they wish to purchase and allocate a delivery to a local retail chain for pick-up. The shipping rates for this service are much lower than that of sending an item to a personal address, making it a desirable service for all Sports Direct fans.

When attempting to use this service, the user must find a verified stamp on the item they are viewing. It will offer separate shipping options, and if the click to collect option is listed, that item qualifies. The purchase is than sent to the store where they will either locate that item within their stock or obtain it from another location. Since most items have to be obtained elsewhere, please allow 5-7 business days for the order to arrive at the desired retail location. The user will be able to pay for their purchase via online check out options. These options include major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other specified online banking services. The user has 28 days to pick up their item, and if the item is not collect within that time frame, will ship the item back to warehousing. The user will also lose out on the delivery fee they already paid for that item, so it is good practice to be timely in your pick-up.

The retailer also offers the use of click to collect vouchers and gift items. They make for the perfect choice for those who have obscure wish lists or those who want to get their hands on goods that sell out quickly at their local retail locations. The vouchers work as a gift card and the user can apply the code to their purchase to confirm the order.

The company has also offered some additional intrigue with the addition of this new program. Users of this new service may also be eligible for bonus discount coupons or vouchers. This gives the user some extra motivation to give this service a try.

The service primarily benefits those who cannot locate certain items within the UK locations. Most of the sportswear will be allocated to feature local sporting teams. This leaves the purchaser at a disadvantage if they cheer for a different squad. It helps bring the product closer to you, without the hassle of applying too much searching time and effort. It is also a great service to use around the holidays. It can become the one-stop-shop for all of your holiday wish-list items. It prevents from having to visit the location only to find a “sold out” sign near the items you desperately wanted. This also works to benefit your schedule and takes the time out of shopping and searching.

This is a great service that arrives at exactly the right time. It helps bring sportswear customers in from different locations and helps to facilitate the flow of individuals in and out of the retail locations. This service is still in its infancy and will undergo some modifications over time. These modifications will benefit the consumer in obtaining their desired products with record speed.