Wickes.co.uk Click and Collect

For all your home improvement needs, Wickes.co.uk has you covered. With over 200 stores in the UK, there is a location nearby and convenient for anyone looking to pick up anything they need to work on their project.

Need something specific, but can’t get to the store right then? Perhaps you have a specific need to address, and would like to know if Wickes has what you’re looking for. No problem. Shoppers simply need to go to: wickes.co.uk. Here they can quickly and easily view all Wickes products and services in their very comprehensive, user-friendly website. Orders can be made online, and shipped right to your door.

Wickes is now featuring a new program, called Click and Collect, that is a pioneering first in the industry, and one only Wickes has. Click and Collect enables shoppers to order products online, and pick them up at a nearby store in just 3 hours.

The Click and Collect service is very easy to use, and very efficient as well. Customers simply need to go to the website, determine what their purchasing needs are, and order online. Shopping from the comfort of home, saving a great deal of time and hassle sometimes associated with having to make one or more trips to multiple stores.

Click and Collect orders can be made any time of day on the website. Or if the customer prefers, they may call the Call Centre (Call Centre telephone number: 0030 123 4123). Orders are subject to stock availability. Wickes will do their best to ensure the products that Click and Collect customers order will be at the customer’s selected store location within 3 hours of Wickes first email to you confirming the order number (customers will want to check the selected store’s operating hours, as these may vary by location).

Once the order is ready, Wickes will contact you to let you know your order is ready to be picked up.

From there, all you have to do is bring your order confirmation with you, and pick up your purchase.

Click and Collect Terms and Conditions

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirming your order number. You will receive a second email, confirming when your order is ready for collection.

Orders will be held for 24 hours from the time the email is sent confirming the order is available for collection. After this time, the store will contact you regarding this order. Any orders not picked up within 5 days may be subject to cancellation and refund of the order.

For verification, Wickes asks that you bring your confirmation email, as well as the payment card used for the purchase, to pick up the order.

If you so choose, a third party is permitted to collect your order for you. The third party must have a copy of the order confirmation email. Wickes reserves the right to see a valid photo ID. This documentation will be photocopied by Wickes before the purchase is released to the third party.

Returns are permitted (with the exception of measured products, or specially modified articles) within 30 days of product pickup.

The Click and Collect service is not available for home delivered products, or ‘to order only’ products.

All orders subject to Wickes terms and conditions of sale.